Vauxhall Opel Astra CDTi Remapping – Remap with JR Tuning

We’ve remapped a lot of the Vauxhall CDTi engines so thought it was about time we wrote a blog entry about them. In particular we have seen a lot of Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Astra Van owners looking to remap their CDTi engine due to the lower power outputs generally found in these vehicles. The 1.4 CDTi , 1.7 CDTi, 1.9 CDTi and 2.0 CDTi all respond very well to remapping.

A remap carefully adjusts parameters such as injector timing, fuel pressure, boost pressure, throttle mapping and torque limiters within the engine ECU map to vastly improve the way your Vauxhall CDTi engine drives. We can remap the Vauxhall CDTi engines for both economy to achieve fuel savings or for performance whilst maintaining fuel economy at factory levels.

We can tailor tuning of your Vauxhall CDTi engine for your specific application. Does your Astra Van need a remap to help it carry extra weight or do you tow a caravan or trailer with your Vauxhall Astra CDTi? If so we can write a bespoke remap to provide extra low end torque to help with towing. This also helps the life of the Astra TDCi factory clutch, allowing you to pull weight at lower RPM, thus not spinning the clutch when pulling away on hills at high engine speeds which can overheat your clutch and flywheel.

If your not 100% convinced by our Vauxhall TDCi engine remapping, then why not take advantage of our 14 day no quibble money back guarantee? JR Tuning will remap your vehicle and if your not 100% satisfied with the results, bring the vehicle back to us and we will remove the remap and return the vehicle to factory settings and give you a full refund. Also rest assured all our remap files are fully insured and ISO approved, not something many tuners can say! This really sets us apart from the crowd.

So what are you waiting for? Give JR Tuning a call on 01795 342006 or email and remap your CDTi Vauxhall now. We’re convinced you won’t be disappointed!

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