BMW 1 Series – 118d Remap Tuning

BMW 118d Remap, tricore, ecu tuning, remap, remapping Today we’ve been remapping this BMW 1 series 118d. These cars are fitted with Bosch EDC17 TriCore ECU’s meaning they cannot be tuned via the OBD diagnostic socket. Not a problem, JR Tuning has all the required equipment to remap these BMW 1 series ECUs on the bench. The ECU is removed from the vehicle and the file is flashed out of the vehicle. The results are fantastic with much better throttle response, reduced em issions and fuel consumption and power gains of +38bhp and +80Nm torque over stock. As with all our remapping ecu software a JR tuning remap is covered by our 28 day no quibble money back guarantee and we’re fully insured. All our remaps are designed to provide safe and reliable motoring on a standard vehicle, keeping within manufacturing tolerances and service intervals. Call us today for a remapping quote on your BMW 1 series. This was a 118d, however we offer tuning services on most makes and models including the 118d, 120d, 125d, 130i and 135i.

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