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A few words about us

We are the only professional consulting firm backed by a business association, with a shared vision of a
strong, successful business community.


We are a single global partnership united by a strong set of values, focused on client impact and long term success.

Our Approach

We use our expertise to cut to the core of the issue, avoiding getting lost in analysis and rigid consulting approaches.

Sustainable Solutions

We are passionate about partnering with clients to find practical and sustainable solutions to problems that keep them awake at night.

The company you can trust

The busy work is what we do best at Facilis - everything from back office accounting, daily stat
organization, business process and system creation, and much more.

Our Professional team

The fully trained personnel with many years of background in the sector, brings a wealth of experience to the company and is one of its major assets.

Mark Johnson
Business Consultant

Mark has been helping small and medium enterprises achieve offshore success for over 16 years, by..

Jessica Priston
Business Consultant

Jessica has worked for both large and small businesses to develop and deliver successful marketing...

Sam Kromstain
Business Consultant

Sam has over 30 years` experience providing advice to employers on workplace issues, with over 25...

Edna Barton
Business Consultant

Edna is an expert at integrated marketing strategy and drawing together multiple campaign...

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Our features

Strategy Consulting

We focus on helping clients establish a clear vision, long-term goals, and a roadmap, communicate and execute their plan.

Feasibility Studies

We focus on market feasibility, in other words: is there a market for this? We do not perform engineering feasibility studies.

Sales Analyses

Sales analyses are important elements of modern business consulting. They give you information on the latest sales trends.

Marketing Plan

Our Marketing Plan service includes both strategic and tactical components.

Audit & Assessment

Most of our assessments are customized, but we also have some standard packages.

Market Research

Individually tailored to each specific client situation, most of our research projects involve interviews or custom panels.

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