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Strategy Consulting

We focus on helping clients establish a clear vision, long-term goals, and a roadmap, communicate and execute their plan.

Feasibility Studies

We focus on market feasibility, in other words: is there a market for this? We do not perform engineering feasibility studies.

Sales Analyses

Sales analyses are important elements of modern business consulting. They give you information on the latest sales trends.

Marketing Plan

Our Marketing Plan service includes both strategic and tactical components.

Audit & Assessment

Most of our assessments are customized, but we also have some standard packages.

Market Research

Individually tailored to each specific client situation, most of our research projects involve interviews or custom panels.

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Business Consulting

Our team is here to help you with everything from hiring your team, creating efficient processes and procedures.

Custom Back Office

We know that your business challenges are unique, and that`s why our back office solutions are customized and tailored to fit your situation.

Daily Stats

Making smart profitable decisions for your business requires accurate and up to date stats. Strategic decisions start with knowing your numbers.

Merchant Services

The partnerships allow our clients to quickly obtain a merchant services account, allowing you to accept credit card payments for your products and services.

Real-Time Accounting

Our business accounting services are derived from our years of experience and expertise in all facets of business development, business growth and business startup.

Your Own CFO

With Your Own CFO from Facilis, you get the experience and expertise you need without the cost or commitment of hiring an in-house staff.

our programs

We have a number of high quality results driven business consulting programs available for business owners. These programs help motivate, develop, and engage employees, focusing on increasing market share.

Probation Program

Our specialists will help you find and choose a probation in big corporations.

Up-grade Program

With the help of the best lecturers and profs you will improve requisite skills.

Business Creation

Successful businessmen will explain you how to develop new business step by step.


We search for vacancies so that we always have what to suggest you.

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Management Consulting

We often deal with situations involving marketing, operations, organization, and leadership challenges.

Business Growth Consulting

Our business growth program is designed for long term sustainable growth and has a minimum 12-month commitment.


These up-to-date methods of marketing can ease the promotion of your leading products and open new market niches for your new ideas.


We offer pricing analysis - a part of business consulting that can help you understand what must be changed in the pricing strategy of your company.