BMW 335 Tuning, Remap Development

After extensive development time we are very pleased to release our new BMW 335d tuning map. The BMW 335d as well as its stable mate the BMW 335i are great vehicles to tune, responding very well to fine ecu remapping.

JR Tuning can give significant power and torque gains which completely transform the BMW 335d. Following a remap the BMW 335d achieves much greater midrange acceleration and a massive 78bhp extra power!

We can tune most BMW vehicles, supplying both ECU remapping and performance exhausts. The BMW 335i and BMW M3 petrol engines respond well to tuning as do all the BMW diesel engines including the BMW 320d, BMW 330d and BMW 335d. Tuning completely transforms the vehicles power delivery whilst typically delivery a fuel saving of around 10-12%.

Contact us today to arrange a remap on your BMW!

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