Save Fuel with an Economy Remap

With fuel prices rising by the day and drivers continually feeling the pinch on their finances, now is the time to consider economy engine tuning. Many vehicles can achieve up to a 15-25% fuel saving, thus reducing your annual fuel bill by 15-25% simply through the use of economy engine tuning software.

An economy remap alters parameters in your engine such as when the turbo boosts, under what pressure, the injector duty cycle, fuel pressure and many other parameters to produce an engine which is not only more responsive but which also uses less fuel.

Many vehicles are tuned for the world market, to run on low grade fuels and by owners who never have their vehicle serviced. By utilising these tolerances we can provide an engine that runs smoother, produces more power and uses less fuel whilst not stressing the engine. Manufacturers also like to produce economy versions of their cars later down the model cycle at an inflated cost to drive new sales. The majority of these models utilise the same engine, but with the software optimised for economy. By economy remapping your existing car you can achieve the same savings without having to pay out for a new car, or the inflated price the manufacturer charges for the economy version.

We’re convinced you’ll be pleased with the results, and we’ve often had people think that saving fuel through software and gaining additional power sounds too good to be true – which is why JR Tuning offers a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee. If your not pleased with the results within 14 days we will return the car to standard at no cost and you’ll receive a full refund.

Take a look around our website at for further information. If you cannot find your vehicle listed then please email or call 01795 342006 and we will be more than happy to assist. Many vehicles use the same ECU, so its very rare we are unable to tune your car or van.

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