Freelander 2 SD4 ECU Remapping

Freelander 2 SD4 remap tuning

Freelander 2 SD4

In today we’ve had a Freelander 2 with the newer SD4 engine for remapping. In factory form these engines produce a healthy 190bhp however its a very peaky power delivery with large amounts of turbo lag and throttle response that can be described as vague at best.

The Freelander 2 SD4 uses a Bosch EDC17 ECU that cannot be remapped via the OBD socket, so to remap this we needed to remove the ECU from the vehicle. This is a relatively simple process that involves removing the windscreen wipers to then be able to remove the plastic trim underneath the windscreen. The ECU is then located in a plastic tray clipped into a metal carrier.

Freelander 2 SD4 ECU Remap

Freelander 2 SD4 ECU

Here we have the ECU in our bench tuning rig. No soldering is required to connect to the board, we simply use a series of spring loaded floating pins to make a good contact with the programming pads and boot pin. Once the ECU has been read from, backed up and the software modified it is then flashed back onto the ECU before re-sealing the ECU and installing it back into the Freelander 2 SD4. It’s now time to send the customer for a drive 🙂

Following the remap the Freelander 2 SD4 drives significantly better than factory. Throttle response is sharper, turbo lag is hugely reduced, the torque curve is much flatter and additional power of 40bhp and 75Nm is also available to the driver.

Interesting in remapping your Freelander 2 SD4..?  get in touch with us. Email us on or call 01795 342006 and we’ll be happy to help!

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