BMW X5 3.0D Engine ECU Remap Dyno Tuning

BMW X5 3.0D Dyno Remap Tuning ECU Flash

BMW X5 3.0D Dyno Run

Today we have been tuning a BMW X5 3.0D. These BMW X5’s have a claimed stock power of 232bhp from factory and our initial dyno run showed 230bhp so bang on the money. We then proceeded to install our BMW X5 Performance ECU Remap and the car then produced 282bhp and significantly more mid-range torque really transforming the drive. Whilst this customer didn’t opt for our stage-2 tuning which offers even stronger gains by remapping the BMW X5 Gearbox TCU these are still very impressive gains! Our Stage 1 BMW X5 Engine ECU remapping prices at £360 including VAT and our Stage 2 (Engine and Gearbox) prices at £795 inc VAT. Call us today to arrange your BMW X5 tuning on +44 (0)1795 342006.

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