Freelander TD4 Remapping & Tuning

The Freelander 2.0 TD4 and Freelander 2 2.2 TD4 engines respond very well to remapping.

The 2.0 TD4 engine sourced from BMW and fitted to the original Freelander is a 150bhp engine in stock BMW tune, however Land Rover turned it out with a feeble 112bhp which most owners will agree stuggles to move the Freelander at any great pace. This really knocks the driving experience when overtaking or towing. While maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability JR Tuning can remap the Freelander TD4 lifting power to 145-150bhp while adding another 60Nm of torque. Combined with a wider power band, less turbo lag and sharper throttle response remapping a Freelander TD4 transforms the way it drives. We can also offer EGR blanking for the Freelander 2.0 TD4 engine which combined with a performance or economy remap offers even higher levels of power and sharper pick-up.

The 2.2 TD4 engine sourced from Ford and fitted to the Freelander 2 is a 160bhp engine from factory and moves the Freelander 2 reasonably well. Those looking for even greater performance however will be pleased to know we can lift the 2.2 TD4 engine to 200bhp through remapping alone. Again a wider power band and sharper throttle are also offered and this transforms the Freelander 2 into a very rapid SUV. For those looking to save fuel we can economy tune the Freelander 2 offering fuel savings of 10-15% while still providing an extra 32bhp and 70Nm over stock figures.

All JR Tuning remaps come with a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee and all our software is fully insured. Try a JR Tuning remap today, risk free! Call us on 01795 342006 or email info @ for a no-obligation quote.

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