Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda Remapping

If your the owner of a VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda you’ve come to the right place for a remap. The VAG group of cars are one of our specialist subjects with extensive research and development time put into our VAG remaps. We can remap all the VAG group engines!

The 1.8T as fitted to the Golf, Passat, Polo GTi , Audi TT, Audi A4 and Audi S3 amongst other vehicles is a fantastic engine to tune. The VAG 1.8T ships from factory in a range of powers, 150bhp, 180bhp and 225hp and all can be lifted by a healthy 50bhp while providing sharper throttle response and hugely more torque. If you’ve physically modified your 1.8T a remap can unleash the potential of your modifications. We have some customers with this engine running in excess of 320bhp!

The 1.8T engine was later replaced by the 2.0 TFSI as fitted to Golf GTI, Mk2 Audi S3, Audi A4 and many other VAG group vehicles. This is also a great engine. It shipped from factory in either 200bhp, 210bhp or 265bhp form. We can also lift these engines by a healthy 60bhp. This transforms these vehicles into very rapid cars indeed.

Our pick of the Diesels is the 1.9 TDI which shipped in 100bhp, 115bhp, 130bhp and 150bhp form. All these can be lifted by 30-45bhp depending on the type of tune. Performance following a remap is nothing short of amazing, with the PD engine revving to the red-line with the willingness of a petrol. Economy remaps on the 1.9 TDi can see fuel savings of 15-25% depending on vehicle and driving style with power gains ranging from 25-30bhp on an economy tune!

The 2.0 TDi is also a great engine, and replaced the 1.9 TDi in 2006. These ship in 140bhp or 170bhp form and can both be lifted by 35-40bhp. Pickup following a performance or economy remap on these vehicles is vastly improved and in-gear pull is fantastic. Fuel savings of around 15% can be had on an economy tune.

JR Tuning has also developed software for the 2.8 V6 and very rare 4.0 W8 engine as fitted to the Passat W8 from 2001-2004. We’re also actively developing software for the new breed of 1.4 TFSI engines. Whatever your Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda remapping requirements, JR Tuning has the solution for you. All our remaps come with a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee and our files are fully insured! Call 01795 342006 today or email info @ for further information.

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